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Energy Solutions Consultancy

Bespoke sit-stand desk

Bespoke Sit Stand Desk – Aerodesk

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Solar Solutions

Bespoke Heated Desk

Bespoke Heated Desk – I-HEAT

I-Sew & Crafts Desk

Bespoke Sewing & Crafts Desk – I-SEW


Bespoke SEN & Disability Furniture- I-VARI

Bespoke Office Desk – I-RISE CORPORATE

i-poppy desk in London

Bespoke 4 Person Desk – I-POPPY

Bespoke School Desk – I-RISE EDUCATION

Science i- Lab Furniture

Bespoke Science Lab Desk – I-LAB

Bespoke Multi-Person Desk – I-DESK

Bespoke sit-stand desk

Bespoke Sit Stand Desk – Aerodesk

At I Smart Business Solutions, we provide a huge range of brands and desk styles. If you need a bespoke, customised solution for your desk needs, we’re the perfect team to support you.

The I-Heat desk is a radical evolutionary leap forward in desk design. Beautiful, sleek and a money saver, the I-Heat warms users at the wrist, the most effective way to heat the whole body. This not only makes working more comfortable, but it can massively reduce heating bills. Individuals can set their own temperature and it only takes one plug to power 8 desks. The I-Heat is suitable for Mini PC’s, iMac’s or All-In -One PC’s and is incredibly hardwearing.

For organisations using multiple sewing machines, the I-Sew allows you to maximise your space without sacrificing on security. Machines can easily be locked away and lowered into the desk unit itself, giving your business the room and space it needs while the machines aren’t in use. No matter your needs, I Smart Business Solutions ensures a totally personalised desk that makes sense for you and your organisation.

The I-Vari is an easy access desk available in a range of colours and finishes. It acts as a fully functioning computer table, including adjustable monitor arm, USB and audio connections that is specially designed for wheelchair users and able-bodied people to get comfortable and be totally accommodated. Created to be durable and long-lasting, the I-Vari is perfect for schools and comes with a range of personalisation options.

The I-Rise Corporate utilises the latest technology to create a totally collaborative multipurpose workstation. Perfect for open plan offices, call centres and hot desk locations, the I-Rise allows you to lock away your IT and keep your tech totally secure. It effortlessly hides cables, ensuring there’s no risk of tripping and is easy to maintain and configure. If you’re looking for a durable desk with a range of finishes, the I-Rise Corporate could be right for you. Talk to the experts here at I Smart Business Solutions for a personalised, bespoke desk design.

Specially designed to promote collaboration, communication and comfort, the I-Poppy is ideal for any workgroup environment. Not only does it look fantastic, but the I-Poppy has an individual i-heat control to select the most suitable temperature for the user workspace without affecting colleagues nearby. This makes sure everyone is as comfortable as possible while saving your organisation money in heating bills. The I-Poppy is available in a range of finishes and I Smart Business Solutions will help you design the perfect solution for your needs.

The I-Rise Education is our most advanced multifunctional workspace solution. It maximises space by allowing computers to be locked away. Ideal for schools, colleges as well as open plan office spaces, the I-Rise Education hides cables away to reduce risk of tripping and powers multiple workstations from one plug.

The I-Lab is perfect for science labs, food technology classrooms and research companies. The surface is chemical resistant and anti-bacterial while the IT can be securely locked away to protect your equipment.

The Aerodesk gives you the freedom to choose how you work. Find your perfect position while standing or sitting so you don’t sacrifice your health while you work. Sleek, stunning and elegantly designed, the Aerodesk is a perfect addition to even the most image conscious office.

Our great customer service is something we’re very proud of and that’s why we can guarantee top class treatment no matter the scale of solution you nee