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Bespoke Sewing & Crafts Desk – I-SEW

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  • Bespoke Sewing & Crafts Desk – I-SEW

The multi-purpose workstation for flair and creativity

I-Sew & Crafts Desk

i-sew is our advanced solution which offers organisations operating multiple sewing machines greater flexibility to maximise available workspace, whilst ensuring expensive equipment can be securely locked away. When not required and at the touch of a button, the sewing machines are automatically lowered into the body of the desk unit and safely locked in place. This leaves a large strong flat surface which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Thanks to the interlocking design, our clever desks can offer a seamless expandable work space for everyone, no matter what the size of the room is.

The i-sew takes health and safety in the workplace seriously, so all cables and wires are securely managed within the desk unit. This desk can be fitted with a range of optional technology features, such as charging stations, USB ports etc. They can even be fitted with heated desk panels so users can work within their own desired ambient conditions by heating themselves rather than others. The option to have bespoke matching storage units is also available.

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- Science labs for education
- Science prep rooms
- Food technology rooms
- Kitchens & food prep areas
- Pharmaceutical & research companies
- NHS trusts.



- Chemical resistant & anti-bacterial work surfaces
- Securely integrated it
- Cable management with it asset security
- Greater work surface area & space.
- Splashback & special gaskets to contain spillages.
- Lockable sink/gas unit.
- A choice of worktop colours.
- Sink lid with anti water drop collecting feature
- Bespoke modern design tailored to your requirements.
- Safe integration of water, gas & electric modules.