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Bespoke 4 Person Desk – I-POPPY

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A state of the art cluster workspace solution with height adjustable desks and integrated technologies
i-poppy desk in London

The state of the art i-poppy desk in London advanced workspace solution has been designed to promote collaboration, communication and comfort
into any workgroup environment. This versatile attractive eco-friendly system is ideal for offices, call centres, blue light operations, retail, schools, colleges and universities.

The attractive sleek design offers many benefits to enhance the workplace experience. Each desktop has an individual i-heat control to select the most suitable temperature for the user workspace without affecting colleagues nearby. The desktop is heated through an integrated panel just below the surface and underneath the desk, giving the user just the right heat for an ambient working environment. This clever design also helps towards reducing energy bills and curb thermostat wars as heat is only applied to where it is needed. Studies have shown that in many educational establishments, heating can account for as much as 50% of the buildings costs due to old or inefficient heating systems.

The cluster design of four ergonomically designed desktops houses USB charging, power modules and the facility to attach up to two AV screens per desk. Mobile devices can be charged at the desk through integrated charging stations. Cable management is included to ensure a safe and tidy workspace. The height of each desk can be individually controlled by the user from low to standing height. The health benefits of standing desks is widely accepted and can also help with comfort and posture whilst at work, therefore fostering greater output or improved learning.

The beautiful i-poppy is designed in Britain and made from quality British sourced materials by DDB, a company specialising in workspace designs, concepts and solutions. DDB offers an alternative to standard desk styles and formations. Our products are made to order which gives you choice. The robust 12mm Hi-Mac surfaces come in a range of colours to suit any environment or to match corporate colours or themes.

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Bespoke 4 Person Desk in UK



- Collaborative 4 seat workstation
- Ergonomic desk design
- Individual Height adjustable work desks.
- Single or dual monitor arms
- Individually heated desks
- Personal thermostat controls
- 12mm Natural Acrylic work top
- USB charging modules
- Power modules
- Wireless Mobile phone charger - Available in corporate colour
- Cable management



Bespoke 4 Person Desk in UK