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Office Furniture

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Commissioning a piece of furniture for your home may sound extravagant, but there are plenty of practical reasons for doing so.

You can create an object like no other that perfectly suits your needs, tastes, lifestyle and environment. You have full control over the materials that are used, so you can select ones that are sustainable, meaningful and rare. It’s an opportunity to spend your money on a maker you believe in, backing an independent creative business rather than a mass manufacturer.

Comfort is important for any property. And for furniture – comfort. Ismart Business Solutions we  know everything about the perfectly equipped interior and luxury furniture!


Luxury bespoke-furniture is a sign of taste and status

Decided to buy luxury custom furniture or a fitted wardrobes? So, you have a good taste and know the design you want. It remains only to decide on the style and find a furniture company with an impeccable reputation and durable products.

Ismart Business Solutions  has proved its competitiveness. After all, we work ONLY with high-quality materials, with reliable fittings and sliding door systems.

We are responsible for the quality of each product, and the best example of this is a GUARANTEE of up to 10 years on all our bespoke furniture and built in wardrobes.


Some  features of luxury bespoke furniture

Luxury custom furniture is different from the rest, much like Lamborghini stands out against the flow of cars on the highway. And to create a truly designer space, you should carefully choose decent samples of furniture “art”. Yes, you can’t call such objects less than art!

Everything – from materials, fittings, surface treatment and ending with components and assembly, combines into a designer dance, adding a special charm to the interior of the owner.

  1. Environmental friendliness

Manufacturers who value their name and respect customers use materials of exceptional quality and environmental friendliness. Here, every detail is reliable, and the components meet the European safety standard.


  1. Assembly quality and durability

Premium furniture has impeccable build quality. All lines here are perfectly smooth, neatly and harmoniously inscribed in the overall motif of the interior.

This furniture makes an unsurpassed emphasis on the absolute comfort of the room. Being in such a room, you feel incomparable aesthetic pleasure. Every detail is important here, which perfectly plays the role assigned to it in the general magic of space.

As a tailor adjusts the suit to your figure, making the same stitches that were not enough for a seductive silhouette. And the right accessories, being the icing on the cake, completes the ensemble of design thought.

Important ! Unscrupulous companies seek to save on material and at the same time shake out the customer as much as possible. Be sure to inspect the inside of the product, what material was used in the hidden places?

Since premium furniture is made of expensive materials, especially “enterprising” businessmen try to use cheaper material for the back walls or inconspicuous places.


  1. Design

A unique author’s project, which takes into account the smallest nuances and all the wishes of the client – you get such custom-made furniture by contacting Bravo London!

It is said that furniture can tell a lot about the individuality of the owner. Be sure that with the help of our products you will be able to demonstrate to others your exquisite taste. Most often, the style is manifested in small things or an unusual design idea, with a combination of materials and colors. Therefore, the unique appearance of our products leaves far behind cloned furniture from mass markets!

Each headset is created in a single copy, unique and individual to the customer’s requests and wishes. You will receive a creation of our designers, which will combine bold ideas of the latest fashion trends and stable quality of exclusive materials.


  1. Reliability of accessories

At a complete set of furniture of a premium class apply the most modern accessories. Bravo London cooperates with the best companies in this niche with a world name.

Electric pull-outs, automatic closers and impeccable infrared motion sensors will ensure ease of use, smooth opening of doors or drawers and lighting.

Our production covers all types of luxury furniture London:

– kitchen furniture

– dressing rooms/ walk in wardrobes

– Premium sliding door wardrobes

– children’s furniture

– furniture for teenagers

– office furniture

– cabinet furniture

– bedroom furniture

– furniture for the hall

– library cabinets

In terms of style and functionality, our products meet all the criteria of European designer furniture. How did we succeed? We use high quality materials and fittings and pay a lot of attention to production processes.

However, only materials do not always play a decisive role in the production of furniture. Why so? Keep in mind that even the best material can be damaged during processing and cutting.

The designer-technologist also contributes to the process. The correct miscalculation of the project, creation of the correct sketch and the subsequent manufacturing of furniture on production depends on its professionalism and accuracy.

And the most important person in this chain is a collection that will breathe life into the product! Assembly is the final stage. And very important, because this is where you can ruin the work of all previous links. And the quality of assembly directly affects the duration of operation of the furniture.

Premium furniture is a premium process. Perfect, verified and adjusted. The professionalism of all team members is important, because only in this case you can guarantee a perfect result in the form of a unique piece of furniture.


Luxury bespoke furniture class furniture to order from iSmart Business Solutions

ismart Business Solutions  it is always a 100% hit for your desires! After all, furniture for luxury housing should be characterized by high quality and original design, which is fully consistent with the policy of our company.

A separate pride of  production cycle. By controlling each stage of creating premium furniture to order, we guarantee impeccable quality. The coordinated work of the team has been tested by years of enormous experience.

Therefore, our products can safely compete with models of well-known European brands. However, when announcing the cost of a designer cabinet or a premium kitchen from Bravo London you will not have to faint!

Your Dreams. Our Challenge.


Home  and Office Furniture

iSmart Business Solutions Furniture range of stylish, high quality  with national Delivery. We have everything you need to totally transform your workspace at home into a comfortable, productive environment. You will find an array of home office furniture including chairs and workstations in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

You can take your pick from executive styles & designs, as well as corner, cluster and wave models. Our range also includes surfaces with inbuilt storage, and you can choose from a wide selection of stunning finishes in wooden hues such as rich oak, deep walnut and light beech. With more and more employees working from home, it is imperative that an effective and dedicated workspace is created to maximise productivity. Here at Furniture At Work we understand this and have therefore created a wide number of Furniture collections that create this perfect environment.


Our range of desks and storage products are specifically designed for use in the home or small office. Ranging from traditional wooden computer desks and drawers to stunning industrial style desks, all in a wide range of materials and colours, you can be sure to find the right product for you.


Ismart Business Solutions  offer a fantastic array of high quality school furniture for schools and provide a great long standing service to the education market. Whether you’re keen to update your classroom furnishings, you need extra storage or you’re looking to overhaul your canteen space, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our vast selection of chairs, tables, bookcases and storage solutions.


You’ll find a wide variety of school desks and classroom tables that are perfect for any educational environment. Ranging from standard Classroom Furniture to School Desks, all of our School Furniture products are strong, sturdy and hard wearing enough to withstand even the busiest of school settings.

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Consider investing in the AeraMax Professional IV air purifier. It can remove up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants, including the flu virus, from rooms up to 130m2. This is ideal for places like conference rooms, classrooms, and cafeterias where people gather often.

AeraMax Professional IV uses PureView® technology and dual laser sensors to monitor air quality in real-time. You can easily track its performance and ensure that your facility users are breathing clean air. Plus, its EnviroSmart® technology adjusts fan speed based on occupancy and air quality, saving energy and improving air hygiene.

The average person inhales 11,000 litres of air every day, and indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors. Improve your indoor air quality with AeraMax Professional IV for a healthier and safer environment. Contact us today to learn more.
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Looking for high-quality office furniture? Look no further than iSmart Business Solutions! Our range of office furniture is perfect for any modern workplace. Find the perfect pieces for your business today by visiting our website at www.ismartbusinesssolutions.co.uk/product-category/office-furniture/.
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Upgrade Your Desk, Upgrade Your Health with Fellowes Sit-Stand Workstations from ISmart Business Solutions. Choose the Corsivo for space or the Lotus for a compact design. Available in black, these workstations are the perfect investment for your health. Contact ISmart Business Solutions today for all your office furniture needs.
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Esports is a great way to teach students skills like teamwork, communication, and creativity. But you need a special space to support esports learning and gaming. That’s why you need iSmartBusinessSolutions. We can design and build customised esports desks, chairs, monitors, and more for your school. We have over 20 years of experience and we can work with your budget and space. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the best esports space for your school. Visit our website at https://www.ismartbusinesssolutions.co.uk/our-brands/esports/ or call us at 02088708707
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Looking for hassle-free printing? Choose Pantum! Our reliable printers are designed to be easy to use, without any unnecessary features. Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience the difference for yourself.
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Experience the ultimate in versatility with i-rise corporate! Perfect for Multipurpose meeting rooms, Training centres, and Open plan spaces, i-rise offers a flexible and expandable workspace with an innovative design and robust construction. Its efficient power management and invisible cable management make it a safe and secure solution for any workspace. Plus, the computer rises up and down for added functionality. Invest in i-rise today and elevate your workspace to the next level.
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Upgrade your workspace with i-rise corporate for innovation, functionality, and safety. Flexible and expandable design, efficient power management, and secure IT storage. Invest in i-rise today for a sleek workspace that promotes productivity. #iRise #workspace #innovation #efficiency #safety
SmartMister offers solutions to prevent and control indoor infections in workplaces, schools, and care homes. Our products are safe, environmentally friendly, and effective against bacteria. Choose SmartMister for a safe and healthy indoor environment. #indoorinfectionsprevention #workplacesafety #schoolsafety #carehomesafety #safeproducts

Upgrade your office's printing game with Pantum, vailable at iSmart Business Solutions! 
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